1. Products are made handmade, so their look can vary.
  2. Products price depends on high material price from which items are made.
  3. Products can be made on order, please contact: adrianadebowska@gmail.com or Facebook page.
  4. Products are made by one person, Adriana Debowska.

International Shipping

  1. Items are shipped from Denmark as Priority by Danish Post to your country.
  2. International shipping is free. Items are delivered within 2-3 weekdays. There is no tracking number available.
  3. The seller doesn’t has influence on Danish or Your country Post office, so the seller is not responsible of lost item.
  4. If you would like to have a shipping with tracking number, please write about it to my email adresse – you will have to pay for it according to Danish Post prices – 190 DKK, check the source here.
  5. Items are shipped in 2 days after receiving the payment (excluding weekend).
  6. Free shipping to Denmark, delivery within 1-2 weekdays.
  7. Products are shipped only to Europe.

Returns / Reclamations

  1. At this moment is not possible to return or to make reclamation of the product.

Cancel order

  1. If you would like to cancel your purchase, before items were shipped to you, please contact: adrianadebowska@gmail.com
  2. You can not cancel the order after items were shipped.


  1. Your personal information are used only for shipping information and they are not share with anyone else.
  2. To your personal email adresse will not be sent any newsletter – to be updated follow Facebook page.


  1. After purchase it would be very nice from your side to leave Feedback about product and service.
  2. The feedback will be used to improve your shopping experience in Adriana Debowska Shop.


Terms edited on 06.12.2015